Meet Grace, a brilliant young woman, stuck at a dead-end job at a toy store, three days before Christmas.

Grace is a brilliant young woman with big dreams and a passion for Astronomy.  She is stuck working in her Family’s toy store and pleads for a great adventure – far away from Sheboygan Wisconsin.

Suddenly, she is transported to the LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS and everything changes.

Christmas is in trouble – and it’s up to Grace and her rag-tag crew of forgotten and broken toys to save it!

Latest News

A new name for an old job.

“I’m supposed to do 21 math problems in the car coming here, but I only did 3.  And, I’m really hungry now.” “Can I video this rehearsal for Tik Tok?” “Not only do I know my OWN lines, I know … Read More

Toys from our childhood

Toys that are forgotten, broken, or left behind are summoned by Queen Cassiopeia to the LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.   There they remain until they are healed or ready to go to a different child.  The place is a sanctuary for … Read More

New Look coming soon…..

Again?  Isn’t that going to just confuse people?   – That is what I said in our marketing and PR meeting when we discussed a new logo design for our upcoming production of THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.  Our marketing consultant … Read More

Ahh, the last minute challenges of live theatre!

The drummer wrote his own arrangement for the music, but the composer had to answer some questions, and approve of the orchestration.  So, the two piece band rehearsed the night before till late, then again in the morning.  All to … Read More

See the Show!

Get Tickets Today! for Performances at the Greenhouse Theatre Center Click for Information Performances held November 27 – December 29, 2019 Thursdays – Saturdays @ 7:30pm ; Saturdays & Sundays @ 2:30pm The Greenhouse Theatre Center is located at 2257 … Read More

Back in the recording studio

A new number for our villainess… Grace sings about getting far, far away from Sheboygan! See the Show at the Greenhouse Theatre Center Meet the Cast & Creatives       |       Click for Information and to … Read More