Meet Grace, a brilliant young woman, stuck at a dead-end job at a toy store, three days before Christmas.

Grace is a brilliant young woman with big dreams and a passion for Astronomy.  She is stuck working in her Family’s toy store and pleads for a great adventure – far away from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Suddenly, she is transported to the LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS and everything changes.

Christmas is in trouble – and it’s up to Grace and her rag-tag crew of forgotten and broken toys to save it!

Latest News

RETURN to The Land of Forgotten Toys – the sequel!

YES, it’s true! There is now a sequel to THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS. RETURN to The Land of Forgotten Toys is the story of Rena, a young woman who discovers a box of broken toys in the back of … Read More

It takes a village – a HUGE village.

October 20, 2017 – Jim, Sarah, Derek, Mark and of course Tim and I gathered for a weekend of ideation about a new Christmas musical that I had dreamt of creating.  Perimeters were set, characters were detailed and then the … Read More


  Here is what the press is saying: “This score could compete with a lot of far more famous holiday attractions, and if you’re a fan of pop Broadway, you might want to catch this show just to hear MarcAurele’s … Read More

Production Photos

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The First Preview

The children needed new pants and Santa needed a new shirt.  Allergy free laundry detergent was needed. Go to Target.    The understudy for Santa was going on and we needed a Santa beard/wig for him.  Go to Chicago Costume company.  … Read More

A new name for an old job.

“I’m supposed to do 21 math problems in the car coming here, but I only did 3.  And, I’m really hungry now.” “Can I video this rehearsal for Tik Tok?” “Not only do I know my OWN lines, I know … Read More

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