RETURN to The Land of Forgotten Toys – the sequel!

YES, it’s true! There is now a sequel to THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.

RETURN to The Land of Forgotten Toys is the story of Rena, a young woman who discovers a box of broken toys in the back of the toy shop that she runs.  As she calls to her mother, Grace, to ask about the toys, they are suddenly summoned to THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.  They meet the Queen of the Northern Sky and are told Christmas is in trouble – again! This time it is up to Rena and Grace to find Schmedrick, the rogue elf and help create a reconciliation with Santa so Christmas can be saved.

A zoom storytelling – join us to listen to the new offering and give feedback.

Sunday July 11, 2021 at 10am

Tickets available now call 773-599-0657

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