Land of Forgotten Toys Projections – Full Production

Full set of projections for LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS – FULL production

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We are proud to announce that you may purchase the license to rent the projections for THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.

All of the projections files are .mov (animated), or .png (still frame). Any of the files can be used along with a green screen or on the stage. They come in a standard HD 16:9 (1920×1080) format. A fully programmed QLab version show is provided, and is plug-in ready for the stage.

If you would like to use the projection files through a different playback software, or in a virtual green screen set up; A pdf is provided to best guide which file(s) would be recommended for certain places of your licensed script. This can help guide you to use the projections in your own show file set up in the playback software of your choosing.